Louis Rawlins

Let's work together

Expressing what I see in the world is my life. Working with people means that we learn together and if you are writing about design and business, or getting thoughts down in a memoir or novel, I'm here to help. Contact me to learn what I can offer you.

Non-fiction writing and editing

Business and design are more important than ever. I've hired and led software design teams at Kaiser Permanente and Capital One. I've hustled at break-neck speed with startups acquired by Facebook and Yahoo! I'm comfortable talking to anyone—customers, support, software engineers, testers, product managers, executives and designers. I write regular articles on technology and social impact, as well as health and wellness. My ability to become a subject matter expert in a matter of weeks brings depth to any story. Let me help you focus and share your work to connect with your audience. Rates start at $70/hour.

Creative non-fiction and fiction editing

It was hard to believe my life was like anyone else's when I was younger. As I share stories, I find community. I'm here to get to know your story so that it resonates with your voice. We can work together on your essay, short story, or manuscript. Rates start at $50/hour.

Please contact me to learn more. Thank you for stopping by.